Preparing for a Session (please read the whole page)

  • First, set your intention for the session. Think about why you want to have this session, what you want to get out of it and what type of experience you want the session to be.
  • A QHHT session is an intense energetic experience, it is highly recommended to leave the rest of your day open to relax and process the session. You definitely do not want to have to be active or do any critical thinking afterward
  • Limit your caffeine intake and avoid any coffee or other caffeine on the day of the session.
  • If you need to take any prescribed medication please feel you can do so. I want you to be relaxed and comfortable during your session, this is far more important that any effects your medication may or may not have on your session. I know the power of the Higher Consciousness (Higher Self) and trust that if your Higher Consciousness has brought you to my door then there is nothing that will prevent it from bringing you exactly what it deems you need regardless of any medications. 
  • Please note, the use of recreational drugs does not necessarily enhance the session, in fact it may undermine your ability to relax and focus resulting in an unsatisfactory and/or frustrating session. Each individual is different, each session is different, so I leave this up to you and your Higher Consciousness. 
  • If you’re not vegetarian/vegan, please try to reduce or eliminate your meat intake the week of your session or at least the day prior and the day of your session. If you must eat meat, try chicken or fish. In general, the lighter the food the better.
  • If possible, try to limit your alcohol intake the week of the session, and please do not drink alcohol the day of your session
  • If you find it difficult to reduce your meat intake and/or caffeine the week of your session, don’t stress. Just do the best you can, release any judgment or expectation, and don’t worry, you will still have a wonderful session!
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Your Questions

  • It is very important that you prepare your questions/healing requests BEFORE the session.
  • Your questions can literally be about anything you want to know more about or requests to heal physical, emotional or mental wounds.  Most people’s questions center around something they are currently struggling with, lifelong questions, their purpose, or why certain things happened to them or others. These are only examples and you are free to ask whatever you feel you want to ask.
  • Can you either write them on paper or email them to me, we will go over them during your session prior to the hypnosis. 
  • Please try to limit your questions/healing requests to a maximum of 20, time might not allow for more.

Are you

Left Brained or Right Brained

  • Right brained people typically have an easier time visualizing things in their head and thus have good results during their session. Do you find yourself daydreaming sometimes and visualizing yourself doing things in your head? If so, you already have excellent visualization skills.
  • If you are left brained and find that you have a hard time imagining or visualizing concepts or objects in your minds eye, you might want to use the visualization exercises linked below to practice before your session. This can help to improve the results of your session. Here is a test to help you determine.
  • Practicing these visualization techniques can get your brain used to the visualization techniques that we use in the session.
Left or right

3 simple tips for a great session

Having a great session is really very easy, anyone can do this! 

Whenever you are asked to see something by your practitioner, all you have to do is trust and say the very first thing that comes to your mind. Do not get caught up in worrying if you are making things up or not, just trust

Whenever you are asked to see something or describe something by your practitioner, try to explain it in as much detail as possible.

Talk, talk and talk some more. The more detail and information you can give, the deeper you will go during the session and the more information we will be able to get to help you and to help me ask the best questions for you. Don’t worry about what you’re saying or how preposterous it might sound, just keep talking and describing.

Book a session

Reach out to me with your contact details and the services you require and I will get in touch with you to discuss and find an ideal date for our session.