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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ is a powerful tool developed by the world renowned Dolores Cannon. This method of hypnosis allows people to access a part of themselves that for millennia, religious and spiritual teachers have referred to as The Oversoul, Higher Consciousness, the Universal Mind or Source, which resides beyond the conscious- mind.  Dolores referred to these as the Subconscious or SC, which explained to her during her work, that what we call it is irrelevant and immaterial; you can refer to it by any name, but it simply is, and it is willing to communicate and help anyone with a sincere desire and intent.

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Reiki Therapy by Janel Coburn

Relax and Restore Your Energy

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a type of Japanese energy healing. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “Universal or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So the word Reiki actually means “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method to promote healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It works safely in conjunction with all other medicine, and medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Customers reviews

I’d been curious about past life regression for quite a while, Janel let me know she was a practitioner and was coming to town so we did the session at my home. Even though we’ve known each other for many years she was incredibly professional, I felt very comfortable and she guided me through the whole process. I had an awesome experience and felt very safe the whole time, she really knew what she was doing and I’m very grateful to her for the experience and highly recommend Janel as a practitioner.
Joel Lambert
Star of the Discovery Network’s Lone Target and Predators Up Close
I had a great session with Janel! It's hard to explain what QHHT hypnosis is because it can be a very personal and individual experience. Janel was very professional and took good care of me the whole time. I could tell she’s a people person and I genuinely felt like she and I were meant to meet. Before the session, she answered all of my questions and concerns. We talked about my past and life generally. My session took me to my childhood home. I was still carrying a lot of pain and trauma from my childhood and I didn't even realize it. I was able to safely visit some of the childhood events and approach them from a different perspective. I got answers for my questions and the closure I didn't know I needed. My subconscious was able to answer me questions I had about my purpose in life and my future. The best thing about the session was the weeks that came after it. I received the healing I looked for and everything in my life started to align. I felt a strong connection with myself and where I was going. I recommend QHHT to anyone who's interested in exploring their soul journey or looking for a healing, physical, emotional, or spiritual. So grateful for Janel and the work she does! Love Teele.
I felt with Janel that I was in safe hands before, during and also after my session. It was a completely new experience for me and I felt a bit scared prior to my session. I forgot my fears quickly as we started the interview: Janel is very easy to talk to and the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. She handled things professionally and clearly knew what she was doing. The whole session flew by smoothly. I got a glimpse to my past lives and it was amazing to find the connections to the current life I'm living. I felt a bit overwhelmed and tired after the session. Despite of the length of the session Janel didn't just rush out after the hypnosis part was done, but she took the time to give me tips on what to do to recover my energy and went through the things discussed when I was under hypnosis. I truly got the feeling she cared about me and really wanted me to benefit fully from the session! Thank you for this awesome experience
This session made me complete. I have always been into spirituality and when Janel offered me a QHHT session I was 100% in for that! To be honest, I was a bit scared prior to the session simply because I did not know what exactly to expect and even reading multiple websites about what QHHT is could not save me from butterflies in my stomach the day our session was scheduled. Janel answered the questions I was most concerned about and made me feel really calm and safe. During our interview I genuinely felt that I can trust Janel completely as her energy is very comforting, warm and nonjudgmental which allows you to open up and talk about every aspect of your life. My session was incredible, I have never experienced anything like that! I got to know that in my past life I was building space ships but most importantly I learned how to truly and deeply love someone. This whole experience happened at a perfect timing and after the session I felt so happy, complete and in more sync with myself than ever. Janel is so kind and caring, I trusted her completely with this process and I cannot recommend her enough! She is truly one of a kind and I strongly advise to have a QHHT session with her if you are trying to get to know yourself better, to heal or just experience something new in life. Forever grateful for meeting you Janel 🤍
I don't even know how to describe the feeling of how "I was"...and what "I am" today, after the session with Janel! She got me to relive a past trauma, getting that finally 40 years later I can understand and accept it! It was a beautiful intense experience because I saw further ahead too!!
I absolutely loooved my quantum healing hypnosis session with Janel and highly recommend it to everyone. She has such a calming presence and I felt extremely comfortable with her. I went in with an open mind but I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect knowing I would be hypnotized. I thought I wouldn’t remember anything, but I was very much aware of what was happening. My ego did try to get in the way several times, but Janel helped me listen to my intuition and trust my higher self and I had all the answers within me and such a beautiful experience. I had so many visions of my past lives in the galaxy among many other things. The most interesting thing of all was the healing portion at the end. I did not expect to feel and see what I did when I was getting a body scan and really felt I was being healed. After my session, my third eye was opened so much more and I’ve been able to tap into my gifts more. I’m extremely grateful for this session.
QHHT is a deep journey into the soul. And for any such journey, one can only hope to have an experienced guide to help navigate the terrain. Janel is just that guide. She is caring, well-trained, and genuine. Janel is so much more than a practitioner—she embodies the very energy of Light at the core of all beings. During my session, I felt completely comfortable and open to the energy of QHHT. From the cathartic life review to the past life regressions (where my innermost impressions revealed themselves) to the luminous healing at the end of the session, my QHHT experience was both mystical and fully grounded in Truth.
My session with Janel was very profound and enlightening. It was an experience that I really enjoyed and that I feel reconnected me to a part of myself and brought some reassurance, remembrance of the love of the Self, of the interconnectedness of all things. Janel was very gentle and guided this session beautifully. It was also really beautiful to share and connect with her. The guided hypnosis part was very well conducted, from the beginning relaxation moment, that instantly connected me to my heart, and the closing of this journey, easily bringing me "back" and providing a grounding and safety sensation. I'm very happy to have come across Janel and have had this inner journey with her. I really recommend her work and approach as a practitioner and human being. Thank you Janel!
Ana Marta

Janel Coburn

My Story

I spent the early years of my childhood in between the states of Ohio and Kentucky, on the cusp of the American mid-west and quintessential “south”. After my parents’ divorce at a young age, my mother and older sister and I became a new family unit. We lived in Florida for a handful of years before returning to rural Kentucky where I began my teens and eventually spent my high school years in northern Virginia, heavily influenced by activities in Washington D.C. and the large presence of the military there. I joined the US Air Force …


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I split my time working between Central Portugal, near Oliveira do Hospital and the United States, in Kentucky. If you are interested in a session in either of these locations, please contact me about my schedule at janel.qhht@gmail.com or via WhatsApp at +351 914155064.  

Once a session is booked, I will provide additional location details.

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