Why is my website called Arsayien QHHT?

Many people ask me why the name of my website and business is called Arsayien QHHT it seems like a very random name that most people have not heard of. The short version of the story is that I have a past life connection to an ancient Egyptian school known as the Arsayien, meaning “those who talk to the world”. This school is one of three (1. Emenien, 2. Arsayien 3. Idilien) from ancient Egypt (aka Khem) that taught about how to communicate with mother Earth and how to interact with reality. If you want to know the longer version of how I came to know that, keep reading.

The beginning of 2022 started pretty rocky, a long term relationship I was in had ended fairly abruptly and subsequently I felt it was time that I make some much needed and probably drastic changes in my life. Where I was living and how I was spending much of my time just wasn’t working for me anymore and now that this relationship had ended there was nothing left to tie me to that reality. It was time to reinvent myself. In order to contemplate all of this and how I would achieve these big changes I thought it best if I got away for a while and to give my now ex-partner and I some space. This space took the form of a hastily planned month long trip to Egypt that would exceed my expectations and catapult me into this new life I was seeking.

At this time I was living in Finland and working for a local university. I had recently switched to working for the university part time so that I could spend time growing my own hypnotherapy practice but I needed the stable income from the university to pay my share of the mortgage from a brand new apartment I had bought the year prior with my now ex-boyfriend. Things were complicated.

A pilgrimage to Egypt was something that had been on my radar since I first learned about the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx as a kid and for at least a solid year leading up to this trip the pull to Egypt was getting stronger and stronger. So many people I knew were going to Egypt, some for simple tourist fascinations, some were actually Egyptian and visiting their home, and some had much more spiritually oriented intentions. Now that the pandemic had started to ease up a bit, this seemed like my chance. I was so ready. I wanted to see these sacred landmarks, monuments and temples myself, to feel their history, maybe their secrets and definitely their power. Maybe something would click there, maybe I’d get answers to questions I’ve had half my life and maybe I’d find out more about my recent past life regression that showed me a piece of my own past in ancient Egypt.

In the span of 5 days post breakup I’d bought one round trip ticket for a months stay, I didn’t have much of a plan but I decided I’d get an AirBnB in Giza and figure out the rest from there. How, when and what other parts of Egypt I’d visit would have to be figured out later.

Once I arrived and got settled in Giza my first day trip would be to Saqqara, a site about 40 mins from the Giza plateau that is famous for its Djoser step pyramid, the ‘bent” pyramid, the red pyramid and the astounding Serapeum. The Serapeum was hands down one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Inside this underground labyrinth are 24 huge (12.5 x 7.5 ft) granite sarcophagi that weigh between 62-100 tons each, and while there are theories about what role these sarcophagi played, how they were created and moved into this location, we still don’t know for sure. What is known, is that even with all the technology we have today, we still could not replicate them to the precise degrees they are carved or even move them out of their location.

The next day I visited the Giza pyramid complex. First the Sphinx and then a closer look at the Khafre pyramid before going inside the Great Pyramid. I walked up the long causeway that originates near the Sphinx and leads up to the ancient temple ruins that sit right in front of the Khafre pyramid. I felt the urge to sit down in the ruins and just be with this site. As I sat there, attempting to meditate discreetly, tears welled up and fell down my face and my body felt like it was being pulled slowly from side to side, like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. This type of unconscious side to side movement had started a few months earlier whenever I meditated, sometimes so strong that I almost fell over. About 10 years earlier I had started rocking forward and back a bit whenever I meditated but this side to side thing was new and here in front of the pyramid I had to try to control it a bit because meditating in or around the pyramids or temples in Egypt is not allowed and sometimes guards will either ask you to stop or ask you to leave. It’s bizarre. So there I sat, tears streaming and feeling a bit self conscious. What was happening? Why was I so emotional? When I opened my eyes and looked at the Khafre pyramid I felt like I was looking at an ancient being who was very much alive. The stones seemed to collectively vibrate with a life force and an intelligence. It almost seemed to breathe! I sensed that this being was very very, very old and unfathomably wise, patient and loving. That it had been sitting there emanating love for eons, waiting patiently, giving eternally. What was even more strange and unexpected than that, I felt like I had a personal relationship with this being. I felt a very loving and fatherly energy coming from it. This was bizarre because I have never had this type of relationship with my actual father, I didn’t even know what that would feel like. Whatever it was it was like time had stopped, I was in awe of this feeling but also very confused. My ears were ringing slightly and I was becoming more and more aware that I might be attracting some unwanted attention so I sort of cut off the experience and came back to the physical world around me.

Minutes later I entered the Great Pyramid and climbed up through the impressive grand gallery to the king’s chamber. At this point I’d already been in two other pyramids but this one is very different. The grand gallery is hugely impressive! It was all a bit surreal. Inside the kings chamber was a guard who really doesn’t want people to linger too long, he snapped at people to hurry up and leave so that others can come in. He griped at people trying to pray or feel the energy there for a bit too long and he wouldn’t let anyone get in the stone sarcophagus. It was hot and weirdly smelly inside this room. I took a few photos and sat down for a few minutes just to try and still my mind and focus. I got emotional again but this time it was a mix of “I’m finally here” and “noticing some really high frequency energy in here” type feeling.

Eventually the guard made me leave and I headed back out through a tiny shaft with a very low ceiling and then descend the grand gallery. I noticed as I’m making my way out of the pyramid that I was feeling more and more “happy” with each step. It’s like something was raising my frequency bit by bit and by the time I reached the exit I felt this strong sense of joy, but its odd because I couldn’t figure out where it had come from. I had happy tears falling down my face as I stepped out into the open air again. I could barely see my feet through the tears to get down the rather steep block “steps” of the pyramid back onto solid ground.

A few days later after some sight seeing in Cairo I wrapped up a bit of AirBnB drama and flew to Aswan where more accommodation woes awaited me. Egypt certainly has a way of bringing up anything and everything that can make you uncomfortable and shoving it in your face. After a very long day, a hot bath and the nicest hotel receptionist ever, I finally settled into a decent hotel. Over the next few days I visited Abu Simbel, the unfinished obelisk, the local souq, the ‘Old Cataract Hotel’ made famous by Agatha Christie as she wrote “Death on the Nile” while on the property, and lastly the beautiful temple of Isis at Philae. Interestingly, the temple of Isis isn’t actually located on the island of Philae anymore, the entire temple complex was relocated to the nearby island of Agilkia after the building of the Aswan Low Dam flooded the original and many other landmarks. For me, this fact stole some of the energy of the temple but it was beautiful and awe inspiring nonetheless. My next destination was Luxor and I boarded a really old and pretty dirty train for three hours to get there. I felt like this train ride was a pretty quintessential Egyptian experience and I kind of enjoyed it. Naturally I boarded the wrong train car initially and sat myself down in the wrong 4A seat of the 1st class cabin and very shortly someone came along to tell me to move. Back in 2nd class I found my actual 4A seat and although the worn out velour was covered in stains the one upside to this old train was that it still had pretty wide and comfy seats. The rickety food trolley selling coffee, tea and pre-packaged sandwiches was also kind of endearing, I felt like I had gone back in time a little bit.

In Luxor, I had decided to stay on the more affordable west bank of the Nile, I’d be here for a couple of weeks at least so I thought it best. I found a nice apartment steps away from the river and at night it had a great view of the Luxor temple complex all lit up. All in all it was a great experience and by the time I left the AirBnB workers and I had become pretty good friends. There was even an endearing donkey in the backyard who always made me laugh and brought me back to reality if I briefly forgot what part of the world I was in. During my stay in Luxor I saw pretty much all the major sights; the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, the Ramesseum, the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Luxor temple complex and the Karnak temple complex, however, it was one very small, isolated and nondescript temple that had the biggest impact on me.

On the day I set out to visit the Ramesseum my AirBnB friends weren’t around to give me a ride so I took a taxi, the trip takes about 10 minutes driving, give or take a few minutes for donkey or tourist bus traffic. The taxi driver asked if I’d like a ride back when I was finished at the site, I agreed and he said he’d meet me outside the entrance in an hour. When I finished at the Ramesseum he picked me up and asked me if I was in a hurry and if not, would I like to go see a very small temple dedicated to Isis that was nearby. He said that this temple was notable because its the only known temple of that era that was solely dedicated to the goddess Isis and not the more common ‘Thebian Triad’, one of Egypt’s holy trinities of gods. He said it is hardly visited because its not fancy and not well known among most tourists.

I was intrigued, I’ve always had a fascination with Isis. Twenty years earlier I’d named my solid black kitten ‘Isis’, something about this tiny female cat suggested it was appropriate. A year after that I got another kitten and something compelled me to call this adorable little snowshoe ‘Asia’, I had no idea why because in my mind it had nothing to do with the geographic region, it just seemed appropriate. It was only in 2023 that I learned that the ancient Coptic name for Isis is Ese, which is pronounced more like ‘Aay-seh’ which if you hear it out load, sounds a lot like Asia with an ‘ah’ sound. Coincidence? Not in my opinion.

We arrived at the little temple, it’s actual name is Deir el-Shelwit, and sure enough no one was there but the guard sitting alone in his little guard shack. He opened the temple doors for us and let me explore without following me around, its so rarely visited that on some days he doesn’t even unlock it. It really is small, only 42.5 x 52.5 ft (13 x 16 m) and very plain.

As I stepped inside and enter the small inner sanctum I saw depictions of Isis on the walls and for the first time I was actually encouraged to put my hands up near the wall and feel the energy. My hands felt tingly every time I could get this close, emotions washed over me again.

A few minutes later we walked up the inner stairs that lead to the roof of the temple. The sun was starting to sink out over the horizon and I took a seat to gaze out at the view. The taxi driver was still with me, he gave me space but here he asked if he could do some energy work with me and I allowed it. I was really emotional at this point and I guess he thought he could help. I closed my eyes and tried to just feel my feelings and let whatever would come, come. Sitting there I asked some questions in my mind; why am I here, what deeper purpose has drawn me here, why all these emotions, what is it that I’m supposed to receive from this trip? Some kind of energy, or codes, I don’t know what but I sat there trying to understand. Just then, I got another one of those intrusive thoughts in my head that is so clear and definitely not my own, “its not what you are getting from Egypt, its Egypt that has been waiting for you”, and something else about a specific energy that I carry, that at this specific time that is helping to close a cycle or a process, or something like that. It would be another two weeks before I found out more about this and just what I was supposed to be doing here in Egypt. Yes I know, that sounds crazy. That message was definitely not anything I ever would have expected to receive. How bold!? Who would dare to have that belief? Not for a second when I planned this trip or at any point in my life had I ever thought I need to go to Egypt because I have something that Egypt needs from me, but once again here I was having one of these crystal clear thoughts that seemed to come from some where else outside of my being, like a quiet but also very loud voice in my head. As this dawned on me the tears that were slowly dripping down my face turned to loud sobs. Some part of my consciousness was slightly embarrassed as these two male strangers watched me publicly lose my shit. There were also moments when I felt like parts of my consciousness left and traveled out to space somewhere. I felt a little dizzy and was glad that I was sitting while the inner part of my head felt like it was in a void. I just went with it and let the unconscious puzzle pieces fit where they needed to go. The taxi driver was saying a prayer of some kind over me and slowly I felt it all fade and I came back.

We left the temple and the taxi driver asked if I wanted to go watch the sunset from the dunes and have some tea. Yes, tea sounded very good. So off we went, he drove us to these big man made sand dunes which are essentially where all the dirt and whatever else that’s been excavated from all the ancient sites had been hauled. We climbed up to the top of one of them facing west, he had brought up with him a box containing his tea kettle, a little firewood, cups, sugar and tea. It was pretty windy that day so he had to make a little shelter with some rocks laying around to get the fire going. I wondered what extremely old bits of history I might be sitting on.

I turned around to see the full moon rising behind me, it was February 16th 2022. That night, the Silver Moon in Leo was all about taking your power back and I certainly felt that. Adding to the magic, the Sun which rules Leo was certainly putting on a show as I watched it sink down behind the Valley of the Kings.

A few days later I returned to Giza for the last week of my trip, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do there. I knew I wanted to see some more sights in Cairo and I knew that there was an event that week involving a spiritual group and an individual that I had been following for a couple years. This is the Arsayian Foundation and Matias de Stefano. I had wanted to attend the event when I saw it advertised many months ago but I didn’t think I’d be able to be in Egypt at that time and I definitely didn’t think that I could afford it. In my mind, the options available had already been reserved and I had no idea if there was any spaces left for a straggler like me, nor did I even know where in Giza the event was going to be hosted. I figured if I was meant to be there I would be, I’d meet the right people and find the right information and it would be effortless. To my half surprise that’s exactly how it went. When I arrived at my hotel in Giza I had to wait almost an hour to check in, they were still cleaning the rooms even though it was well into the afternoon. I waited. When I got to the room it was not at all what I thought I had paid for and they let me cancel the reservation with a refund. I quickly found another hotel for the week and took a taxi there, when I checked in my room key was #101. Nice.

The next morning at breakfast I was sat at a table next to a man who was wearing a bracelet that I immediately recognized as being from the event I wanted to attend. He saw me, glanced at my room key and I asked him about the event and if it was still possible to get a ticket. Indeed, it was still possible and he would take me there after breakfast. Perfect.

Arriving at the event felt very special, there was a palpable energy in this space and everyone looked so happy, warm and friendly. If you don’t follow the work of Matias de Stefano explaining who he is, what he does and what his foundation is about can be a bit challenging if you’re trying not to sound like a crazy person. I’ll be the first to admit it all sounds a bit nuts if you’re not already on a spiritual path. Matias de Stefano is what he terms a ‘remember-er’, both literally and in the classical meaning of the word. He has the ability to remember most of his many past lives in incredible detail, some of which are prominent in ancient Egypt (Khem), he knows and teaches the Atlantean language which is called Sayontu, and he knows he is on a spiritual mission in this life to help re-member, literally put back together, the planetary network of consciousness that was broken millennia ago. He also sometimes refers to himself simply as an electrician, he’s just connecting “wires” on a planetary power grid to allow human consciousness to fully come back online around the planet. With the creation of his non-profit foundation, many people around the world are helping to accomplish this mission and others that he has been tasked with that deal with creating a better way for humanity to live in the future. Simple, right?

The event actually began on 02.02.2022 with smaller groups performing specific work in temples along the Nile but from 18.02.2022 it included the larger groups in Giza. The following is taken from the foundation’s materials, “Between the portal days and mirrors of Time (02.02.2022 infinite 8) and Space (02.22.2022 dodechahedron 12) we connected a Network of People willing to align their 3 bodies (physical, emotional and mental) in Coherence through the 3 tenses (past, present and future), expanding to 3 spaces (width, height and depth), through the 3 vibrations (rhythm, melody and harmony), to connect the 3 minds (subconscious, unconscious and conscious), in balance of the 3 cosmos (internal, neutral and external), for the unity of the 3 worlds (heaven, earth, human)”.

For an entire year, every night leading up to this event Matias would enter the great pyramid alone and download information needed to accomplish this task. During the course of these 5 days, myself and 1500 other members attending this event at the base of the great pyramid broke into groups organized by the earthy elements (fire, water, air, earth and ether) to perform specific but collective energy work to help accomplish a large part of that mission which would culminate on 22.02.2022. This portal date is significant for many reasons, numerologically its pretty clear but also because it symbolically represents the time when the age of Leo ends and the age of Aquarius begins. Literally, it represented the time where a snapshot of the sky would show the constellation of Leo setting behind the Sphinx and in front of the Sphinx when the sun rises it would show the constellation of Aquarius rising. A group like this, performing these types of activities with the great pyramid has never been done before, not in the past 12,000 years anyway. The groups met each day to activate portals of these elements and their sacred geometries and at night went into the kings chamber of the great pyramid in hours long shifts to amplify the energetic information and send it out into the ether of the network.

The events that took place on these days were transformational for me, at times it felt like I was helping to complete these energetic tasks and healing myself simultaneously. The energy was so strong and there was so much powerful information being conveyed but none of that could really prepare me for what happened on the final day of the event. On the afternoon of 22.02.2022 the entire group congregated in front of the Sphinx to complete the last activation, using vibration via singing and chanting. During these songs, chants and dances to move the energy I had many revelations, “rememberings” if you want to call them that, about who I am, who I have been, what my role was and what I was a part of. It was on this night that it finally hit me, why Egypt was waiting for me, it was this, to be part of this task, to return to this land and finish something that started ages ago. This is related to the Arsayien, the school I resonated with most strongly. I felt fragmented aspects of my “self” reunited and felt an entirely new type of “whole” for the first time in my life. Pieces of information that had been missing came flooding into my awareness and suddenly so many things made sense. That night I danced with a different type of joy I’d never felt before, in front of the Sphinx surrounded by friends and “former” family. I saw visions and felt energy from a different part of me being remembered and expressed. It was life changing, comforting and most of all empowering, for what is to come on this planet and how we will all get through it.

You can find more information about Matias de Stefano and his foundation at: https://fundacionarsayian.org.

Additionally, he has two different series’ on the GAIA network, one called ‘Initiation’ and another called ‘The Journey of Remembering’, and there are now numerous podcasts out there about him and his work if you Google his name.

You can find more content and videos from me at my YouTube page: @janelinportugal

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